BIG showed its 52-storey skyscraper in Canada, ‘Vancouver House’. Completed in 2020, but only recently photographed, the 155-metre-high building rises in a turret shape from a triangular base along the ramps leading to the Granville Bridge in downtown Vancouver. This unique shape ensures that the structure is set back 30 meters at its base from the bridge and avoids overshadowing the neighbouring park.

The project of Vancouver House is not the result of formal excess or architectural idiosyncrasies but it rather derives from the same circumstances: the triangular site, concerns about neighbouring buildings and park spaces.

The project aims not only to create spaces dedicated to art in the nearby subway, but also to be a model for the development of sites seemingly confined within the urban fabric.

Vancouver House subtly emerges from the ground, expanding as it rises, like a genius coming out of a lamp. What appears to be a surreal gesture is actually a highly responsive architecture, shaped by its environment.


Photo credits: Laurian Ghinitoiu

Progetto: "JK21"