SURF - Modern

Mini dimensions and great appeal for SURF, the collection by Zazzeri characterized by simple, clean lines and by a new, contemporary design. With its dynamic structure and elegant presence, SURF enters the market with character and sobriety at the same time, presenting an attractive, compact, and extremely pleasing design. The central body, in fact, shows several curvatures and a sloping mouth that connects with the body, creating an elegant balance of shapes and spaces. Made of cast brass, SURF is a faucet with compact dimensions: all the complex functions of the faucet have been installed into a small space without altering its beauty, appearance, and performance. Its attractive, compact, and extremely pleasant design and its different available finishes allow it to be installed in any type of bathroom. The collection's handheld showers deserve a special mention. They can be used not only for their primary function, but also as a shower head thanks to the wall bracket combined with the external shower or bathtub unit. Moreover, in the freestanding bathtub column, the handheld showers perform the function of both spout and pull-out handheld shower.

SURF is available not only in the classic chrome finish, but also in Phosphor Nickel, White, Black, Polished Brass and, on demand, in Brushed Black Nickel, Brushed Copper, Brushed Brass, Pink Gold and Black Nickel.

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Water Flow Limiter

"The Water Flow Limiter "" is the integrated flow rate reducer that limits the flow of water to 5.5 l / min and makes the water jet softer and more water tight

Hot Water Limiter

Thanks to "The Hot Water Limiter System", the mixer cartridges have the option of adjusting the lever extension by rotating a ring, setting the maximum amount of mixable hot water

Designed by Fabrizio Batoni

Fabrizio Batoni was born, lives and works in Colle Val d’Elsa, situated in the wonderful Chianti hills in the heart of Tuscany. After the graduation in Architecture at the University of  Florence and many different jobs, he tries to open his own studios, characterized by his motto:“always on…”. He defines himself as a curious, colored, eclectic, always attentive person, ready to catch ideas and needs of people are around him. He has a never ending love for XX Century Architecture, the one of big masters, modern movement, Bauhaus and innovation that is still source of inspiration and studies. Every project rise from the care of materials and technologies, but his heart, love and passion are the real motivation that let him compare with the world around him, that let him do this profession that includes design of products, interiors and architecture.  

Progetto: "JK21"