The creativity of Design Zazzeri combined with  the architects Batoni and Innocenti gave birth to the JKZ Mono collection


Roberto Innocenti

"Design is combining simplicity and elegance in small objects"

Born in Florence in 1944, he graduated in 1970 with the highest mark at the Faculty of Architecture of Florence where, successively, he worked as assistant of the drawing and survey Professor. He also taught technical drawing in many secondary schools. Currently, he is working as a freelance professional in his studio in Florence dealing with renovations, reconstructions, furnishing, and design. He is also a consultant for an important company of camper vans and others that operate in different furnishing fields such as modular kitchen cabinets, other modular furnishing, tables and chairs with metal structure, and bathroom components. 

Simone Micheli

"My work is aimed at creating emotions to make people smile"

Simone Micheli was born in Tuscany in 1964. His father Massimo was a painter, and his mother Cristiana a teacher of artistic disciplines. He graduated at the Faculty of Architecture of Florence, and during his university studies, he met important mentors as Giovanni Klaus Koenig who supervised his thesis, Giovanni Michelucci and Bruno Zevi, with whom he collaborates in an anti-canonical architectural path that goes from his initial training up to his current professional activity. In 1990, he founded the homonymous Architecture Studio, and in 2003 the design company "Simone Micheli Architectural Hero" with offices in Florence and Milan. From 2003 to 2009, he was sessional professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the Tuscan city. Since 2003, he has also been professor at the Polidesign and at the Polytechnic School of Design in Milan. His professional activity articulates in different directions: from architecture to interior architecture, from design to visual design, passing from communication. His creations, characterised by a strong identity and uniqueness, are sustainable and always respect environment. The numerous realisations for public administrations and important private clients linked to the residential and public service sectors have made him one of the main protagonists of the European design dimension. His works were presented in the most important international exhibition events. He held conferences and was a lecturer at Institutes for culture, organisations, and other institutions all over the world. He wrote many essays and articles for Italian and international magazines, and gave TV interviews dedicated to his work. 

Fabrizio Batoni

"Always on..."

Fabrizio Batoni was born, lives and works in Colle Val d’Elsa, situated in the wonderful Chianti hills in the heart of Tuscany. After the graduation in Architecture at the University of  Florence and many different jobs, he tries to open his own studios, characterized by his motto:“always on…”. He defines himself as a curious, colored, eclectic, always attentive person, ready to catch ideas and needs of people are around him. He has a never ending love for XX Century Architecture, the one of big masters, modern movement, Bauhaus and innovation that is still source of inspiration and studies. Every project rise from the care of materials and technologies, but his heart, love and passion are the real motivation that let him compare with the world around him, that let him do this profession that includes design of products, interiors and architecture.  

Daniele Bedini

"World and things change, and my unconventional design changes with them"

Florence 1952. Degree in Architecture (Florence 1983), 1st thesis in Europe in "Space Architecture", with NASA. Versatile designer, he takes care of Space and Industrial design and Interiors in the offices of Florence (Monelupo and London together with his team and his son Edgar, who is an architect too. As Space Design and Space Tourism expert, he was manager of the MEDIET experiment on the International Space Station. He is Module Leader/Visiting Tutor at the Royal College of Art, London (Innovation Design Engineering Department), where he coordinates researches, workshops, and exhibitions that see RCA and first level Italian industries together. As industrial designer, he works for ZAZZERI and for top companies, such as: Officinanove, TM Italia, SLIDE, Fratelli Guzzini, QSquared Design, Marca Corona, Mandarina Duck, Teuco, I Guzzini Iluminazione, and others. He also takes care of Fair organisations for Zazzeri Rubinetterie, Thermomat, Officinanove, etc. He was the Artistic Director of Zazzeri Rubinetterie and QSquared Design, and he still is for Officinanove. He is member of ADI and author of numerous articles for important newspaper and magazines among which ARCA, and books about Space, published by Mondadori and Bompiani. He is mentioned in several articles and interviews published by 'Bagno e Accessori', La NAZIONE, Wired web, etc. 
Progetto: "JK21"