Z316_sh - Modern

With an intrinsic passion for design and a strong sensitivity to the stylistic value inherent in each collection, Zazzeri continues its path of research and innovation by dedicating resources and energy to both the development of new projects and the completion and updating of existing, trend-setting collections. The Z316 collection, the first by Zazzeri made entirely of AISI316/L stainless steel, has evolved, and now presents itself to the public with a new and fascinating stylistic version. Z316_sh is the new version of the single-lever mixer with the handle as the distinguishing element. Handle that retraces the entire Z316 range by adding charm and new design features. The new Z316_sh handles are in fact a cylindrical extension of the faucet body and, with their variants, introduce a further connotation of purity to the design of the collection. The handles, in fact, come in five different textures created by chiselling the surface: smooth, vertically striped, horizontally striped, chequered and dotted. The cylindrical handle, different chiselling and multiple finishes further enrich the collection's vocation for furnishing environments characterised by formal purity, enhancing them with discreet and refined decorative elements. A delicate contrast that celebrates with natural harmony the two different souls, the clean and simple lines of the Z316 collection and the decorative elements.

In addition to the standard brushed finish, the steel of the Z316_sh collection is also offered in PVD finishes, in the colours Copper Bronze, Anthracite, Carbon, Copper, White Gold and Cognac.

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"The Water Flow Limiter "" is the integrated flow rate reducer that limits the flow of water to 5.5 l / min and makes the water jet softer and more water tight


Thanks to "The Hot Water Limiter System", the mixer cartridges have the option of adjusting the lever extension by rotating a ring, setting the maximum amount of mixable hot water

Designed by Roberto Innocenti

Born in Florence in 1944, he graduated in 1970 with the highest mark at the Faculty of Architecture of Florence where, successively, he worked as assistant of the drawing and survey Professor. He also taught technical drawing in many secondary schools. Currently, he is working as a freelance professional in his studio in Florence dealing with renovations, reconstructions, furnishing, and design. He is also a consultant for an important company of camper vans and others that operate in different furnishing fields such as modular kitchen cabinets, other modular furnishing, tables and chairs with metal structure, and bathroom components. 

Progetto: "JK21"