Pop - Modern

The project springs from a desire to create a tap that returns to the clean, simple, archetypical shapes of early design: POP is a meeting of a straight line and a curve.Tradition and innovation come together in a harmonious and balanced blend with different materials. The clean, simple lines of metal join hands with the softness of silicon in a colorful, playful mix that is pleasing to the touch and to the eye.

Each item in the Pop Series is made up of a brass body and a brass or silicone spout that can be combined in differents finishes.
The finishes available for the bodies are:
Brass: Chrom (CRCR) - Brush steel (ASAS) – White (1010) – Black (3131)
The finishes available for the spouts are:
Brass: Chrom (CRCR) - Brush steel (ASAS) – White (1010) – Black (3131)
Silicon: Nero Fumo (3232) – Arancio Albicocca (4242) – Verde mela (5252) – Viola mirtillo (6262) – Bianco latte (7272) – Blu luna (8282)

All Zazzeri products are manufactured with the utmost respect for the environment

The Water Flow Limiter

"The Water Flow Limiter "" is the integrated flow rate reducer that limits the flow of water to 5.5 l / min and makes the water jet softer and more watertight

Boiler Starting Control

“Boiler starting control”: by operating the mixer lever, only cold water is opened, while mixing with hot water occurs only if you intentionally rotate the lever to the left

Flow Rate Alert System

“Flow rate alert system”: the mixing cartridges lead to conscious use of the quantity of water supplied thanks to the calibrated movement control lever

Hot Water Limiter

Thanks to " The Hot Water Limiter System ", the mixer cartridges have the option of adjusting the lever extension by rotating a ring, setting the maximum amount of mixable hot water

Designed by Fabrizio Batoni

Fabrizio Batoni was born, lives and works in Colle Val d’Elsa, situated in the wonderful Chianti hills in the heart of Tuscany. After the graduation in Architecture at the University of  Florence and many different jobs, he tries to open his own studios, characterized by his motto:“always on…”. He defines himself as a curious, colored, eclectic, always attentive person, ready to catch ideas and needs of people are around him. He has a never ending love for XX Century Architecture, the one of big masters, modern movement, Bauhaus and innovation that is still source of inspiration and studies. Every project rise from the care of materials and technologies, but his heart, love and passion are the real motivation that let him compare with the world around him, that let him do this profession that includes design of products, interiors and architecture.  

Progetto: "JK21"