JKZ Mono - Modern

JKZ is a collection made of steel and strongly inspired by the collection JK21, from which it takes its essence and reinterprets it in some identifying traits. JKZ takes the peculiar capital-shaped knob of the JK21 and adapts it to a minimal and essential body with a cylindrical and curved spout. These features match with the style philosophy intrinsic to the collection JK21, making it different in design and making it complementary. As with all steel collections by Zazzeri, in addition to the brushed version, JKZ is available in several PVD finishes in the following versions: Carbon, Anthracite, Bronze-Copper, Copper, Cognac and White Gold. A new identity perfectly integrated into a family of faucets with a versatile and technologically cutting-edge soul, with which it is possible to create many combinations thanks to the many available and perfectly matchable models.

On the JK21 Collection, the handle of the product, which reminds the form of a capital, is handy and ergonomic; it offers the user the chance to customize the product by choosing a wide range of decorative inserts made of different materials and finishing: PVD or lacquered steel in the following colours White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Blue-green and Coral red, and natural stones such as Carrara white marble, Marquinia black marble and classic travertine which further embellish the strong and distinctive nature of the collection.

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All Zazzeri products are manufactured with the utmost respect for the environment

Water Flow Limiter

"The Water Flow Limiter "" is the integratere water tight

Hot Water Limiter

Thanks to "The Hot Water Limiter System", the mixer cartridges have the option of adjusting the lever extension by rotating a ring, setting the maximum amount of mixable hot water


The creativity of Design Zazzeri combined with  the architects Batoni and Innocenti gave birth to the JKZ Mono collection

Progetto: "JK21"