Obliqua - Shower

"My aim with Obliqua was to create a furnishing element that would be simple, yet elegant, with a low impact despite its various functions. I drew inspiration from a classic architectural element popular with many great architects of the Renaissance due to its lightness, sobriety and great decorative and structural importance: the pilaster. Et voilà!!! I wanted to create a steel pilaster that would be simple, functional, classic and yet extremely modern."

Obliqua is a collection of multifunctional vertical shower columns made of stainless steel.
Available with and without retro Led White lighting in the three XL, L, M models.
Vertical showers are equipped with Flyfall technology to direct the water direction down.

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Designed by Roberto Innocenti

Born in Florence in 1944, he graduated in 1970 with the highest mark at the Faculty of Architecture of Florence where, successively, he worked as assistant of the drawing and survey Professor. He also taught technical drawing in many secondary schools. Currently, he is working as a freelance professional in his studio in Florence dealing with renovations, reconstructions, furnishing, and design. He is also a consultant for an important company of camper vans and others that operate in different furnishing fields such as modular kitchen cabinets, other modular furnishing, tables and chairs with metal structure, and bathroom components. 

Progetto: "JK21"