Resulting from a collaboration with the entrepreneur Tom Bjarte Norland and the interior design brand Vipp, the Bolder is the design hotel designed by Snøhetta consisting of small pavilions, four so far, situated on the cliffs of a Norwegian fjord. The project is based on a fundamental idea: to bring wild nature inside these small nests, creating a unique living experience that triggers a strong sense of belonging to a larger ecosystem.

Sturdy concrete pillars lift the cabins off the ground, giving the impression of floating between geological stratifications and sparse vegetation. The large windows are arranged to embrace the landscape at maximum angle without interfering with neighbouring units. The four units are also called Star Lodges due to the presence of a skylight that allows you to admire stars at night. Arranged on two levels, the cabins have the sleeping area with bathroom on the lower level and the living area with kitchen on the upper level, where the feeling of suspension is even more marked.

Snøhetta wanted to create warm and differentiated environments inside the cabins, using the same oak wood but treated differently. Similarly, the marbles and leathers found in the other finishes used for the furnishings are presented in different colours for a better dialogue with the landscape. The exteriors, on the other hand, are covered with untreated red cedar wood, which will lose saturation as time goes by and eventually blend in with the prevailing shapes and colours. The materials resulting from the construction phases were reused as aggregates in the concrete, in the case of the granite, and gathered for later use in the case of the uprooted trees.


Ph credits: Elin Engelsvoll and Elisabeth Heier

Progetto: "JK21"