Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s disciple, Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, the Architecture art, the Doolittle House was designed and built with has been meticulously safeguarded by its present owners.

The Doolittle House was designed by architect Kendrick Bangs in the 1980s. This house, built out of the California desert, is discrete and at the same time, once you are in, amazingly cosy. This is “organic art of architecture” in its most sublime aspect. The underlying form is as soft and as rounded as a pebble, but this house has an overarching spike like a desert plant.

According to this plan of modern architecture, there are no traditional windows: light filters inside this building of modern art through the empty spaces on the roof.

Boulders and parts of the rocky land are integrated into the walls. The master bathroom has a waterfall coming down from the boulders. All these details blend to give a sense of continuity between outside and inside.

All these factors attracted the writer Kristopher Dukes and her husband Matt Jacobson when they visited it for the first time in 2015. The big and important achievement of Architecture of Art attracted Dukes’ and Jacobson’s attention at first sight, but the micro-level of customized details won them over.

Mr. Doolittle, the first owner of this house, was well known because he lived into an enclosure for wild creatures. You can find that feeling in its building style: Doolittle House is surrounded by wild nature outside, but it is shielded from it by its thorns and its external shell.

From: Excellence Magazine Luxury

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