To be related to the surrounding natural environment as more gently as possible, framed by tree-filled mountains and covered by fields of avocados, architect Francisco Pardo literally chose to make this house disappear into the depths of Pachamama, the Mother Earth of the central American cultures which covers the building.
As a matter of fact, this almost underground house stands against the hill from where it is dominated by a green roof from where the avocado trees emerge: this solution is effective both from the landscape and from the technological point of view, since it provides excellent internal thermal conditions in an area characterized by considerable excursions, thanks to the earth on the roof which works as insulation and keeps the house at a constantly mild temperature.

Inside, the volume set into the ground unfolds like a big container made of exposed concrete with a functional and flexible layout thanks to the small partitions. From the central living area, you can have access to a panoramic terrace with a whirlpool bath and with a view the forest; it connects all the nearby rooms: the kitchen, the dining room and the sitting room, the bedrooms (the master one, the one for the kids and two guest bedrooms) and the study. On the opposite side, a courtyard dug into the ground provides an additional access and ensures a second source of light as well as a natural ventilation.

The interiors are characterized by a simple design with minimal maintenance requirements but it is nevertheless charming: the structure made of exposed concrete goes very well with the walls covered with Chukum, a natural plaster from the Yucatan region, and with recycled raw pine wood; the custom-made furniture items – the kitchen, the fireplace made of black metal – showed a meticulous care for details and for the will to distinguish an essential, almost monastic, space which is however friendly and comfortable.

Progetto: "JK21"